Eagles News · Girl’s Tennis

Tennis is a great high school sport that creates lasting friendships and a lifelong skill you can enjoy.  We have our season in the summer, and actually have tryouts before school starts, usually the first week of August.  While Skyline is under construction, we will be meeting and playing on the courts at Olympus Hills Park, just off of 4500 South and I-215.  We are so grateful we have these courts reserved for us!  We encourage you to play as much as you can on your own before tryouts.  After tryouts, we will have practice everyday, until school starts.   Matches start the first week of school, and run through the beginning of October.  We usually have 2 matches a week, with practice 2 days a week, and free play on Fridays.  We hope you can join us!  If you want names and numbers of others to play, please sign into teamapp.com.  Search for Skyline Women’s Tennis.  You must request access to join.  Once you have joined, you will find more information of what we are doing, and have the names and numbers of teamates to call.  Thanks, and see you on the courts!