Eagles News · Girl’s Tennis

Tennis is a very popular sport, but unfortunately uses only a small team.   To play matches against other high schools and be a part of the Varsity or Junior Varsity, you must be in the top 20 spots of the team.  Those that fall below the first 20 will be part of the developmental team.  The coaches only work with the top 20, while parents and volunteers work with the developmental team.  This lineup is determined from matches played in the summer and tryouts.

If you want to try out for the Skyline Girl’s Tennis team, please go to www.teamapp.com or download the app teamapp on a smartphone.  Then search “Skyline Women’s Tennis”.  This has all the information on it.  Parents and players should sign up for teamapp.  All of our communication is through teamapp.  You must play 8 different players a proset (first to 8) BEFORE Aug 5 and report the score to me on teamapp.  All the players and their numbers are accessible on the app.  The calendar is listed as well, with everything you need to do.  Thanks, and hope to hear about those summer matches soon!